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Netc N·CASE RFID enabled transport cases allow you to link your tape media and cases. You can identify which tapes are in a case by simply scanning the N·CASE RFID tag. There is no need to open the case just pack and track with Netc Embrace RFID Asset Tracking Software. N·CASE transport cases are flexible, durable and affordable and work flawlessly with the Netc Embrace RFID Asset Tracking System.

Netc N·CASE transport inserts are available for all data tape cartridges, including inch form factor (34X0, 3590, 9X40), 3592, LTO, T10K, 4MM and 8MM. Inserts may be mixed in the case, giving you flexible control of the contents.

Key advantages of the Netc RFID N·Cases
  • RFID enabled for easy tracking and inventory.
  • RFID tags are always VolSer custom configurable.
  • RFID chips have the capacity to hold up to 56 characters of rewritable user data.
  • Secure and weather-resistant container design.
  • Include a strong, positive double latching system with butterfly clasps and lockable hasps. Latches are riveted to the container along with a strong metal backer plate.
  • Contain oversized bumpers to protect the contents.